the rise and fall

So far I think that I am more punk than anyone else I have met in my life.”

"But we never had it at all"

"But we never had it at all"

"I think it’s important for bands to rough it. Whether you’re in a van or a bus, it’s still tough. You still have to stand in a two hour catering line with flies everywhere in the heat, and you still have to lug your gear." - Hayley Williams


Tyler helping Zack open his Christmas present, askdjjdkf ♥

Tyler: I help you open it, Zacky… What is it?…A CAAARRRRRR!! Unbelievable..


the thing about fall out boy is that they write these lyrics that you might initially not really connect with until you’re singing them to yourself at 1 AM and then they hit you like a fucking pile of bricks



"First Kiss" - Streamy Awards 2014

I’ve been looking for this for the past 3 hours THANK YOU

hello i don’t know tumblr user paramorre personally but these are their gifs, the original post is here